table table


*Options available for other materials.

W900~4,000 x D400~1,200 x H720mm

Indigo color vividly reveals the beautiful grain patterns on the solid wood tabletop.

Our big tabletops are carefully handmade into one piece by our craftsman using the high quality wood felled in Tokyo. We can create wood slabs in different shapes and sizes (as big as 3 meters wide) based on your requests without losing its elegant, sturdy look.
We have two-legged design that supports the edges of our tabletops. It's solidly built, sturdier compared to four-legged table.

Product information

∗ Materials
Mainly Hinoki hard wood (Japanese cypress)|Other options available.
∗ Dimensions
Choose your own -width and depth (mm).
∗ Coating
Indigo, urethane|You can choose 10 different levels of glazing.
∗ Shipping
Shipping cost will be charged separately.
∗ Payment
Bank Transfer|
∗ Delivery
2 ~ 3months after payment confirmed.|It may vary depending on orders we have.
*Contact us for urgent orders.

Please contact us for further inquiries from here.

Reference price

Depth        : 700mm (with free choice of size)
Type of tree: Hinoki (Japanese cypress) - Other options available.

Width 〜1,000mm 〜1,400mm 〜2,000mm 2,000mm〜
Price 〜¥522,000(+tax) 〜¥652,000(+tax) 〜¥832,000(+tax) Negotiable

>> Production inquiries

Every tabletop will be made to order.
Please choose your preference on material (types of tree), sizing, glazing level, and with/without legs.
Please note that we may not be able to meet all of your requests depending on our stocks.
Please contact us for orders and further inquiries from here.